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dynamic character graphic trademark one-handed dunk in the United States Nike "Air Jordan" series of sports shoes unique logo. Earlier this year, Nike introduced in the Haiou still Supermarket Co., Ltd. under the three stores was discovered by step Jinjiang Footwear Ltd and Jinjiang Footwear Company Limited Conway shoes printed with graphics "Air Jordan" trademark, so the two were Home footwear company, together with the supermarket to court. August 20, the Shanghai Second Intermediate People's Court on two cases of trademark infringement case first instance verdict, ordered the three defendants to stop infringement, in relevant media published a statement; in the two cases by the European merger still compensate the plaintiff economic loss of RMB 160,000 Yuan, two shoe companies were compensation for 100,000 yuan and 90,000 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; 1993 May, the Nike of trademark registration to the "Air Jordan" graphic trademark. In January this year, Nike staff Zhongyuan Auchan supermarket in the city shop, Minhang shop, Changyang shop bought four pairs of shoes infringement and go notary notarized the purchased shoes. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; February 2 this year, Nike's lawyer issued a lawyer's letter to the Auchan supermarket, inform supermarkets under the three stores display and sell infringe Nike "Air Jordan" graphic trademark shoes requiring supermarkets to stop selling and storage of infringing goods, providing historical purchase records of these commodities on the 15th of the month, sales records, commercial sources relevant information. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; at the end of the month, Nike found in Auchan stores and Changyang Central Plains store still further the company's Dragon infringing shoes sold. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; May this year, Nike has filed a suit to the Second City Court, requested the three defendants to stop infringement, Auchan and the two footwear companies were liable for compensation in two cases 500,000 yuan responsibility. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; In this regard, arguing that Auchan supermarket jordan shoes online sale sales of shoes belonging to the infringing product did not know, and has provided evidence that the source of the legitimacy of the product, it should not be held responsible. In addition, Auchan supermarket Nike v. Time and the number of sales also raised objections. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Dragon Step Company and Conway companies argued that Nike's trademark rights advocates are common trademark. Upon receipt of the two companies quickly by Nike, have been taken off the shelves related merchandise. Nike on the amount of compensation proposed, the two companies believe there is no basis. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Second City Court after hearing that Nike is "Air Jordan" graphic trademark registered person, shall be the exclusive right of the trademark in the approved use of the range. After comparing the Full Court on Long step and Conway both the company's shoes are printed graphics with Nike basketball players registered trademark, both basically the same judgment, the defendant's conduct constitutes two plaintiff registered trademark infringement. Auchan supermarket without the permission of the rights, selling the infringing goods, their behavior also constitutes infringement. Given the loss of Nike's profit and the three defendants were difficult to determine, based on three factors the court accused infringement nature, time span, the consequences, trademark reputation, reasonable expenses paid by the plaintiffs and the parties and so subjective discretion to determine the amount of compensation. In addition, the requirements put forward by the three defendants Nike published a statement in the media to support the request.Nike Air Jordan reports for you just Fusion XIII of red color, another Air Jordan Fusion shoe successor has officially surfaced. Soon after the Air Jordan Fusion XIII Air Jordan Fusion is VIII, the first color is popular color and black / blue, Air Jordan VIII with double cross Velcro design representative is still intact. There is no exact release date, please look forward to. Jinzhou warriors Stephen Jackson on P Cheap jordans online rotege Stackjack in season 1, in the season NBA warm-up in the new JACK1, also invited Harrington to join the ranks of team mate Al Protege shoes, known as A3H, the date of sale and pricing of unknown VIA basket world download (74.11 KB) download (110.64 KB) download (94.63 KB)2002 Kobe and Jordan according to foreign media broke the news, Nike once as Kobe Bryant ordered a pair of purple boots Air Jordan Lakers 3, recently on the auction site was sold, turnover amounted to $30 thousand! This pair of designed specifically for Kobe color Air Jordan 3 is the debut in 2002-03, on a white background, with purple and gold ornament. Some media reported that Air Jordan 3 is Kobe's love of the shoes, he also wear this pair of shoes custom gallop in many games. But this pair of boots Kobe now auction price a little shabby, this with Michael Jordan in the Olympic Games through the number 9 Jersey auction price of $274 thousand (about 1 million 870 thousand yuan) compared to the gap between the large fraction of less than. Kobe's shoes If , only recently retired from Kobe this perspective, the price is very high, no to the $30 thousand auction is not the ancients said with no predecessors, of course Jordan's shoes, who now candidates James, Durant curry, etc.. 30 thousand dollars, this number and Jordan just retire soon auction is the limit of shoes, this pair of boots Kobe even put the two auction records can also come. This we have to say that Kobe is just because of his retirement, many items are still unable to auction and auction in Jordan. Perhaps, the near future auction has a surprise surprise, if Kobe fans have combat equipment, it may be slowly collection, maybe one day, you're millionaires. Kobe Air Jordan 3 in the game Kobe in the 02-03 season and due to speak before the brand cooperation is not happy, so that season he wore shoes brand is all kinds of, and Air Jordan 3 in this year for Kobe has extraordinary significance. The shoes though, but the favorite Air Jordan 3 series Jordan shoes. To love Kobe and sneaker fans, this year Cheap foamposites for sale really left many classic photos, in 2002 that year, Kobe led the Lakers to 3 consecutive. Air Jordan 3 finally, whether or not love Kobe, he has retired, never see him sweat on the pitch. A collection of shirts, shoes, ladies and gentlemen, you have who equipment? ??????brown leather totes Need a little help understanding what is TSA PreCheck and how to get it This is one of the best travel tips to helping your vacation start off smoother air jordan mid lola Window awning with opening cut in brick wall for DP behind Adorable love the pink accents leather totes Need a little help understanding wha" /〉 outlet shops at grand river August Alsina air jordan silver collection Trey Songz and Chris Brown brown leather totes Need a little help understanding what is TSA PreCheck and how to get it This is one of the best travel tips to helping your vacation start off smoother [fashion] international shoes net - this is a duck hunting era, with winter approaching, a winter boots tide people pay more attention to the shoes, which Duckboot is popular in many styles of boots styles, which also has a lot of brand shoes to launch a similar Duckboot style shoes. Nike Sportswear in this area is not far behind, at the end of last year launched Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot acclaimed after the fall, has launched the same new color, wool uppers, D shaped lace holes and waxed laces are very Ourdoor style, texture looks pretty good Oh, interested friends may wish to try the shoe store. Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot Brown Beige shoes Nike Air Force 1 Duckboot Brown Beige shoesVans Classics classic branch recently brought a pair of new shoes, the shoes are still Vans Authentic classic shoes based on the characteristics of autumn and winter season in order to set off Vans, with dark brown leather uppers as material. Shoes with round waxed shoes, the same brown lace holes interspersed with brass made of rectangular Vans Logo printed with black insoles as usual. In fact, if you are not careful, never found the shoes are special, because it will be Amer jordan 3 katrina 2018 ican folk style patterns hidden in the inside side, very clever, introverted. The shoes have been sold, priced at $65, about 448 yuan. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (55) share to micro-blogChinese shoes Network August 30 hearing, although this year is the 30th anniversary of the AF1, which is AF1's bumper, but we are from the launch of the AF1 view, it is a bit difficult to compare with the 25 year anniversary, and recently Online on exposure of a pair of upcoming horse hair shoes in 2013, it is worthy of our attention. In fact, the past few years we have to say on the brown AF1 has not been any good design can even be said to have no brown style launch, but in fact will become increasingly brown considered among the best in all shoes worn nice style. The horse with brown hair models on the set, in which the use of horse hair ornament, which makes us very easy to think last year's smash hit Leopard Edition woven, but this setting is so that the shoes can not really wear Old, because it is prone to hair loss, but this twin models will be available in 13 years in the spring, only to wait until we really had this in 2012, after the so-called Doomsday to see. recently, Nike held the Air Lounge event in Beijing, where the Air Max Day series shoes that will be released in 3 months will be displayed on the spot, and bring the new Air Vapormax trial experience. March 26th is the 30th anniversary day of Air Max 1. In order to celebrate this event, a series of retro, mixed and innovative products will be launched in March. The complete Nike Air Max Day products were first shown in Air Lounge, Beijing. is full of bubbles in the time tunnel, Air Max 1, Air Max 90 Ultra Flyknit, Air Max atmos Elephant Air Max LD-Zero, 1, Air Max 1 Master, Air Max 1 Ultra 2 LE and Air Vapormax are all presented in front of people, go to the front of each pair of shoes will have exclusive music this is the transfer, "KISS MY AIRS not how you see" attitude with music, Max music rep jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black roduction Air story. The Revolution Never Ends on the wall, showing the air Air Logo over the years, with the birth of Air Vapormax, the new Air Logo is enabled, a series of Logo represents Nike "innovation, vitality and never stop", also let the field of sports shoes has become different. The Air Lounge activity site provides Air Vapormax's trial experience. The data show that the shoe is by far the lightest max air platform. It feels very light after the upper foot, and the upper body of Flyknit shoe is excellent. Air Vapormax cancelled the extra rubber on the outer surface of the Air air cushion, and put the upper part directly on the air cushion, so that people can feel the elasticity and feedback of the air cushion directly, and the flexibility is also greatly enhanced. is equipped with a rubber block with VaporMax Air air cushion in the easily worn part of the sole. The service life is guaranteed and the grip is provided at the same time. Air Vapormax will be released worldwide on the day of Air Max Day on March 26th, when the grand 2017 AIR MAX CELEBRATION celebrations will be held in Shanghai. Consumers can participate in the coverage of music, street culture, fashion art and so on.don't know why, now see the Derrick Rose will think of Frank Miller's the Dark Knight Returns (The Dark Knight Returns), along the way also saw the determination and perseverance of Rose, and he will also have to return to the most complete strength to the court. adidas since D Rose 5 Boost will be fully updated after the shock technology, basketball shoes to bring the new level, but also more people look forward to the next stage of the work. As soon as D Rose 6 is on the horizon, a quick preview can take a peek at the weight of this episode. Frankly, Fit-Cage is the parent gives me the greatest feeling, the upgrade to a new FITFRAME structure, will protect the ankle, construct a complete support, with straps and shoelace ring can be adjusted by users in accordance with the. With lightweight materials, weight and support levels, it is rumored that the all star version will be made using Primeknit, which will then compete with the general version. Finally, I must mention is Boost technology, from the visual view and Crazylight Boost 2015 followed by the same mining amount allocation, and use in the back, this is the first precedent, the actual experience exciting. source: Nice KicksKevin Durant in the last season because of injury suffered most missed the game, but from him in the offseason following the Nike European tour visited many European city, such as Milan, Madrid, Paris, many activities are even with "try" end, see that his body should be restored. This trip to Europe but also stimulate KD 8 designer's inspiration, the Internet recently debut "Easy Euro", the new color to gray, green and orange embellishment color, let the whole show highlights in the low-key, this pair of shoes will be at 10/17 in the foreign sales price of $180. source: EUkicksThe sports brand to the international metropolis as the theme to launch special shoes, such as New York and Berlin in recent years are common themes, so when the Puma chose to avoid these hot topics in the Middle East Baiwei Du new inspiration, really let Xiaobian surprise, brand Sole DXB and Puma local cooperation the launch of Disc Blaze 'Asphalt Blk', is different from the city to the people's sense of luxury, the exposure of the picture in the body of the shoe in black, represents the desert city up to that of asphalt road, directed at the rapid development of the city phenomenon, followed by a SOLE DXB Logo to highlight unique, foreign area is expected in November 20th on sale, priced at 230 dollars. news source: highsnobietyASICS's contribution to the field of jogging shoes is quite profound, and the GEL-Kayano Trainer, which debuted in 1993, opens up a series of "Kayano" series headed by high support performance. However, in recent years the rise of the retro trend, so that the former shoes on the track has become a common street shoes. This time, the Storm Footpatrol, which works with the British team, is inspired by retro outdoor jackets and is made of waterproof, reflective material. Footpatrol x ASICS GEL-Kayano Trainer Storm is also said to have the opportunity to be listed in Hong Kong, and you are looking forward to it. footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-2footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-2 footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-3footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-3 footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-4footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-4 footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-5footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-5 footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-6footpatrol-x-asics-tiger-gel-kayano-trainer-storm-6 source: HYPEBEAST station in the previous reports, we have to introduce the PSNY and Jordan Brand this year to cooperate jointly shoes, of which Public School two Jordan 12 Air designers are very popular as a prototype to create a special version of earlier has a new color light, the shoe body is smooth Nubuck leather, through the contrast of hue and simple classic shoes give new soul. According to foreign news that this style is only available to your friends and family around you as a souvenir, and not publicly sold, let us enjoy the real shoes received by the KITH host Ronnie Fieg and New York famous music producer DJ Kent Clark shot! source: @ronniefieg / @djclarkkentAir Jordan 13 Retro Black Cat is expected to debut next spring and has now been exposed to related photos, allowing people to review the classic design. Air Jordan 13, apart from the meaning given by Michael Jordan itself, is also very distinctive in its modeling. It is well known, inspired by the Black Panther 13 generation, make creation in many details refer to feline animal characteristics, the 'Black Cat' back color is through a black shoe, 3M reflective details, also collocation shoe body and outsole modeled on the cat's eye made decorative tone, the overall figure with the Panthers exactly the same, full of murderous. Air Jordan 13 Retro Black Cat is currently scheduled to return next year. source: sneakerprophet_1977 aerospace engineer Frank Rudy, the concept of air cushion belt into the Nike, open the "air" of the road gate, constantly strive to be more comfortable foot feeling Nike, 1997 successfully developed the whole foot cushion, shockproof structure continued commitment to study various forms of attack, in 1998 to Tuned Air was known for its stability in the medial heel, the strongest force, adding 4 hemispherical rubber ball, when stress is applied, the force transmitted to the top of the semi circle semicircle bottom, change in the "point" and "surface", the distribution of stress, increase the stability when running, the pressure of the hemisphere 20PSI, and the air is 5PSI, so the special Jiaogan, next year, Tuned Air designer Sean McDowell will join the air cushion design, which is full of Nike Air Max Plus wave lines was born. Although Air Max Plus has a slightly tough, but recognizable appearance and stable performance, still let people not to forget for a long time, this time for the Nike Nike Air Max women bring exclusive Plus, silk material with smooth image, like a fluid like luster, echoing the upper flow ripple, and the grass is green and purple white, with summer colours. Nike Air Max Plus' Summer Satin 'has been on sale in Taiwan, price NT$4500 yuan, to start prospecting shoe can to the local Nike stores or shops selling point contact. source: Sneaker News / Nike KD 7 in the new season has not yet officially launched, launched a lot of dazzle the eyes color, compared with the traditional color matching is a team, some of which appeared later. The blue orange tricolour in their development, will inevitably make people the first time to think of the Kevin Durant club Oklahoma thunder, also expects KD to wear this color on foot after recovery. nike-kd7-okc-away-3nike-kd7-okc-away-3 nike-kd7-okc-away-4nike-kd7-okc-away-4 nike-kd7-okc-away-1nike-kd7-okc-away-1 nike-kd7-okc-away-2nike-kd7-okc-away-2 nike-kd7-okc-away-5nike-kd7-okc-away-5 source: SNEAKERFREAKER