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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; during the World Cup this summer, the 32 shortlisted teams will show their skills in the world's most grand sporting events. At the same time, the sporting goods industry, "World Cup" war already advance into the finals, against both the two giants in the industry --- Adidas (Adidas AG) and Nike (Nike Inc.). & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; from the intensity of speaking, off-wrestle between Adidas and Nike in no way inferior to the venue of the World Cup tournament. World Cup TV audience has exceeded the Olympic Games in Munich on June 9 opening of the World Cup as Adidas and Nike provided a place for a showdown. & Nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Adidas and Nike invariably have this element into the World Cup in brand publicity. Dominated football world number one brand position for several decades Adidas and world football's governing body FIFA (FIFA) signed a sponsorship agreement, hoping to take advantage of this opportunity to keep his World Cup lead. In addition, since Germany is to host the World Cup, headquartered in Bavaria, Germany Adidas enjoys advantages of proximity. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; in 64 races, the world's more than 1 billion viewers will see the use of equipment and billboards inside and outside the stadium, the ball, the referee uniforms and volunteers in the game composed of three stripes of Adidas trademark. Adidas also won the American Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and ESPN exclusive advertising rights to broadcast World Cup matches when the United States, this means that during the broadcast of the American audience a chance to see the Nike ad. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The Nike is still used in other sports arena again succeeded the old tactics: sponsored by the star to make Starchaser effects. That year, Nike is the method has been applied by sponsoring Michael? Jordan and in one fell swoop laid the dominance of global basketball supplies market. To further demonstrate their determination, Nike sponsored the World Cup team for the first time exceeded the number of terms Adidas. In this World Cup, Nike co-sponsor of the United States, Mexico, Portugal and other eight teams, while the Adidas sponsored the six teams. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; when advertising in traditional media and the Inte Cheap air jordans for sale rnet, and sponsorship of amateur football match, individuals and sports teams, Adidas and Nike's big spenders is worse than ever. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike's usual guerrilla marketing tactics (in the case did not win the right to hold an official sponsor of venues around the city covered in the company's billboards in the Olympic Games) will be difficult in Germany There useless. Because FIFA has exclusive marketing rights to be protected by local enterprises court requirements and requirements tournament host cities in the sale of advertising space on the OTC official sponsor given priority. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; but Nike fuss surrounding the Brazilian player's strategy also has a tactical advantage. Nike produced is priced at $ 70 replica jersey of the Brazilian national team, becoming one of the world's most sought-after products. Nike also with Ronaldinho, Ronaldo and Brazil's other well-known players on a global scale to create a star effect more sensational. Nike's marketing plan in Brazil holds an important position, so that Nike used a Portuguese phrase "joga bonito" (Note: Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, joga bonito meaning "beautiful football") to the title of its global marketing campaign . The slogan and the Brazilian national team footwork gorgeous style with performances colors complement each other, the purpose is to use a similar "Air Jordan" slogan to attract a large number of football fans. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike said sales of soccer-related products nearly $ 1.5 billion, is more than two times in 2002, compared with $ 40 million in 1994 for the first time the United States hosted the World Cup higher get even more. Adidas expects sales of soccer-related products will increase by more than 30%, more than 1.5 billion US dollars. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; earlier this year, Adidas bid $ 3.8 billion acquisition of Reebok, thus narrowing the gap with Nike. In April this year, Adidas and the NBA also signed a 11-year sponsor agreement. In addition to the two major areas of football and basketball, Adidas is still running, tennis, and golf tournament plays an important role.Not surprisingly, at the end of the season, Kobe Bryant will return the basketball bid farewell to his beloved, but people are overjoyed an cheap jordans d will not be the end of the Nike Kobe series. In a recent interview, Kobe Bryant said that even if he retired shortly after, Nike will still follow the prescribed order for us to launch Kobe 12, Kobe 13 and other products, each design will also uphold the original design and the essence of the Kobe series, continue. This is undoubtedly the largest global Kobe fans comfort! nike-kobe-12-kobe-13.jpg (84.15 KB, download number: 16) download Kobe Kobe, prospect of Kobe 12 series 13 2016-2-11 13:26 upload basketball field, road map, Kobe, Nike, 00 - Jiangxi has become a hot spot for Taiwan businessmen's second largest investment industry transfer is one of the most concerned topics in the shoes industry. With the adjustment and upgrading of the industrial structure in the southeast coastal areas, the speed of industrial transfer is accelerating. As a neighboring province of Southeast China, Jiangxi enjoys unique advantages in the rear area. What is the investment climate in Jiangxi? How to seize this opportunity quickly and actively seek the survival shift? It should also be a topic of concern to the industry. This print journalist visits investigation, collected relevant data, hope to have inspiration to the personage inside course of study and reader. Pearl River Delta footwear industry transfer reasons every ten pairs of new shoes produced in the world, there is a pair of "world shoes" - made in Guangdong. But now, the "world shoes" is facing regional industrial restructuring and upgrading. According to reports, since the winter of 2007, the Pearl River Delta experienced a hitherto unknown transfer pain, thousands of shoe factories and related businesses fail due to various factors or active termination, or seized by the court, or find other areas from development, more than 50% factories to the mainland provinces or foreign investment. Moreover, affected by many factors, many labor-intensive enterprises in the Pearl River Delta are also thinking about the same problem - "go" or "stay"? Where should I go and where to go? What role will Jiangxi undertake in the wave of industrial transfer? in Chinese economic territory, the Pearl River Delta has been leading for many years, however, after a few years of rapid growth, the heavy manufacturing jordan shoes online sale industry in recent years has suffered a series of "labor shortage", "shortage", "oil shortage, land, labor, energy prices have a big rise in the international market. With the implementation of trade protection, the appreciation of the renminbi and some countries, the Pearl River Delta and the market competitiveness of these enterprises are faced with severe challenges, some enterprises have to leave their venture, migrate. according to the survey, the Guangdong area last year about nearly more than 1000 shoe factories and related shoes, leather, shoe-making equipment, footwear, hardware chemical trade and R & D center, collapse due to various internal and external factors or active termination, or seized by the court, or by the local government to take over. Statistics show that, in these "off", "stop" and "seal" footwear enterprises, mainland China shoes enterprises accounted for about 55%, Taiwan funded and Hong Kong shoes enterprises accounted for about 25% and 10%, respectively, and other shoes enterprises accounted for 10%. in addition to some failures, currently around Guangdong and 25% to Southeast Asia such as Vietnam, India, Burma and other countries set up factories, there are about 50% to Chinese mainland provinces such as Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangxi, Henan and other places to set up factories, 25% of the enterprises are still in a wait state. "Looks like some Southeast Asian countries, labor costs are relatively low, but in the industrial chain, supporting technical workers and management is facing great problems, to find a what spare parts, to be from Dongguan to express in the past, virtually increase the cost of doing business." A shoe manufacturer told reportersafter KD return to Nike, it seems that everything looks so natural. Last week sold lightning 534 theme color after, overwhelmed and non-stop exposure a GS version, show a combination of the pink and purple color, I believe has gained the favor of the majority of the girls. Message from the current point of view, in November 28th will be officially in the overseas sale, offering detailed information please see our follow-up January this year, Adidas launched Purecontrol Ace16+'s first high performance no shoe football shoes, once again proved that they are the world's m Cheap foamposites for sale ost innovative football brand. Since then, Mesut Ozil, Rakiti and Oscar and other players have been wearing this changed the game's shoes to conquer the European arena. Today, Adidas Purecontrol Ace16+ launched a new impact on the blue color, and the latest signing of the genius of the players Paul · Pogba will also wear this color. adidas Ace16+ Purecontrol was born after three years of brewing, the ball area all committed to build open and free of interference, let the players play better in the play power and accuracy. Replace the three key factors of traditional shoelaces are uppers, and provides stability and track performance better for shoes. Knitting uppers firmly lock their legs, coupled with the Techfit locking system has brought incredible wearing feeling for the players. The impact of new Ace16+ Purecontrol blue color will be landed in Adidas's official website, and now you can make a reservation by PDS, and the price of 230 pounds the first color consistent. At the same time, Ace16 series flagship version Ace16+ Primeknit, high-end Ace16.1 leather version, high-end Ace16.1 man-made materials version of and other versions of the Ace16 football shoes are will launch impact blue color. Source: FBL recently, porter to join MEDICOM toy to celebrate its parent company Yoshida Kaban the 80th anniversary of the founding of, and hereby released new joint series. Including MEDICOM toy very characteristics of 1000 doll BE@RBRICK and Porter's main shopping bags, backpacks, wallets and commemorative T-shirt of a single product. The most watched nothing more than 1000% BE@RBRICK doll, low-key pure black cover on the surface of the doll, in the joint supplemented by orange decorative details, the chest position is printed with Porter's logo to highlight the joint and is printed on the back of the 80 anniversary commemorative words. It is reported that the joint series will be available in the PORTER shop in the specified recently, interested friends may pay more attention to.Sohu network, 2008 major Olympic Games reported "China made China speed", the national tour in January 20, 2008 in cyber building, Sohu started. The "national" group reported by Sohu jointly over the central and local authority of the mainstream media will set up all-round, mult foamposites for cheap i angle to show the great achievements China economic development in 30 years of reform and opening up, great changes in economic and social Chinese unscrambling 30 years, focusing on local development perspective, the growth of enterprises, boost the overall "Chinese manufacturing" image. Following is a speech by Wang Xiaoguang, director of the economic situation research office of the NDRC's Economic Research Institute at the launching ceremony. , director of the economic situation research institute, Research Institute, Wang Xiaoguang Wang Xiaoguang: Hello, everybody! Today I am honored to Sohu China manufacturing, financial China speed of the country, I think is very meaningful, because China economic reform and opening up 30 years China should make a summary, I think this sentence has been expressed, we Chinese manufacturing advantages, Chinese manufacturing is the high growth and high speed driving under the miracle. I think this is the basic judgment Chinese, of course, we can get some data Chinese what these years which achievements. first, total growth. The growth of total US GDP in 2007 more than 24 trillion, is the year growth of 11.5, all told in 1978 to 2007 the average annual growth rate is 9.7, which we have in recent years, the growth rate of 10.6, of course, these two years faster, forecast 112008 years I am optimistic may still be around 11, is fast, sharp growth in total. Second, Chinese development, from the product, from the development of the industry, especially the leading industry, the rapid development of industrial Chinese I think is the most important achievement of China, because our basic task is industrialization and city. Our industrialization should be 30 years to advance, through two stages: first, we established the international competitiveness of the textile industry, is now talking about the Chinese manufacturing advantages, many problems Chinese manufacturing are formed with the advantage of a relationship. now we are moving towards the second stage. Second stages can be identified as, in a new round of growth period in 2002, an important form of this round of growth cycle is heavy industrialization, I have an expression at that time, I think it should be called endogenous heavy industrialization, we had heavy industrialization strategy, 78 years ago we had a the state of heavy industrialization, heavy industrialization should be a beyond the stage, so we through the development of light industry, labor intensive development of comparative advantage, the comparative advantage should be important than our reform is through the development of globalization, to meet the market demand, witnessed a world of the advantages of this the advantage of automatically after upgrading the heavy industrialization stage should be. Of course, there are a number of growth, there are manyA letter of "a small voice operation 80 -- Liu Hongliang Secretary: you violations, don't blow whistle!" the letter yesterday, spread throughout the network. a letter "a small voice - 80 operations director Liu Hongliang: are you breaking up, don't blow whistle!" the letter yesterday, spread throughout the network. A few days ago, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce released the second half of 2014, network trading merchandise directional monitoring results, said Taobao's genuine pass rate of only 37%, Taobao and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce launched a separate propaganda. there is no doubt that this sensational letter, while widely circulated in the network, also won praise from many Internet users. Compared to the "80 operation 2quot literarily market, SAIC does not sell adorable timely respond more precious, the SAIC spokesman responded to questions in the letter yesterday disclosed a" white paper on the work of administrative guidance of the Alibaba group ". Regardless of Administration for Industry and Commerce have blown the "black whistle", but for questioning, the administrative law enforcement departments and the administrative relative person through the network to interact, but regulation in terms of real progress, also shows the network supervision department really use the network thinking to monitor network market. return to the problem itself, China Taobao as the biggest business platform, while online shopping has become synonymous, and changed a lot Chinese entrepreneurial way; while has been exposed domestic and foreign regulatory authorities, the frequent problem of fake and shoddy, genuine goods pass rate is not high, for such a contradiction what should we look at how complex? in fact, for the problem of fake and shoddy One divides into two. view. First of all, we should admit the fake not network patents, Taobao is not a unique phenomenon, but a social ecology on the network of a concentrated expression, even the proportion of Taobao fakes have higher than the average level of society, are worth discussing. from the subjective point of view, Taobao did not encourage fraud, instead as "80 after the waiter said, has been in the crackdown. Ma Yun was in the design of Alipay payment delay, one of the original intention is to allow consumers to buy fake and shoddy goods, timely return, refund, a lot of system design in fact Taobao, also tend to protect the interests of consumers. In fact, Taobao genuine rate is low, a reason can not be ignored is that everyone on the non normal channels of goods of high imitation goods is tacit, and even some consumers want is to have the goods, what, what, this is what Taobao is called the "universal" reason in. undeniable, in the fake and shoddy question, Taobao can not shirk responsibility. In the administrative guidance of State Administration for Industry and Commerce on Ali's meeting, the relevant departments of the Ali network trading platform and Tmall mall, the illegal problems in the main access, merchandise sales, transaction management, put forward)Shenzhen inspection and Quarantine Bureau yesterday informed the media, for Europe and America new textile barriers, pay close attention to remind the industry, timely reflect the views and argue. the Bureau informed that at the beginning of May this year, WTO held the non-agricultural market entry (NAMA) negotiations, discussed the issues of non-tariff trade barriers (non-tariffbarriers, NTBs), Europe and the United States and other Member States to submit to the textile, clothing and footwear products marked proposal. Among them, the EU submitted "with the textile, clothing and footwear products trade related non tariff agreement" proposal, each member will be fixed label content of textile and apparel is defined as "the country of origin, fiber content and maintenance [description]" 3 items; the United States proposal -- "on the cut and textiles and clothing shoes, and tourism products related to trade non-tariff barriers to trade agreement", the key also is a permanent commodity for textiles and clothing label (permanentlabel), marking requirements must indicate that the origin, composition, and cloth processing, consumer safety and other relevant information. the Council noted that non farm product market access (NAMA) negotiations were an important part of the new round of WTO negotiations. the United States, the European Union and other Member States put forward these proposals, the purpose of which is clearly aimed at developing countries' exports of textiles, in an attempt to set up new non-tariff trade barriers. China is the textile and footwear trade country, so Europe's proposal should pay more attention to the domestic textile industry early intervention, argue, as far as possible to fully reflect the views of the textile industry in the course of the discussion of new proposals to China's textile export enterprises, protect the interests of. (editor in chief: admin)Nike day before Inneva Woven Tech innovation shoes added a white color, running shoes on continuation of the simple outline of the design, and the use of the white nylon belt interwoven uppers, not only has high permeability and flexibility, it also brings more foot support for users. Finally, equipped with the classic Nike Free 5 running shoes, running on the user to create a comfortable feeling. At present, the white color of the Inneva Woven Tech has been available through the Socialism designated retailers purchased, interested friends may wish to pay more attention to. nike-free-inneva-woven-white-white-01.jpg (62.71 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Tech white color 2014-11-27 13:27 upload nike-free-inneva-woven-white-white-02.jpg (61.82 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Tech white color 2014-11-27 13:27 upload nike-free-inneva-woven-white-white-03.jpg (75.49 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Tech white color 2014-11-27 13:27 upload nike-free-inneva-woven-white-white-04.jpg (60.38 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven Tech white color 2014-11-27 13:27 upload