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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;? Chinese shoes Network August 16 hearing recently, Nike Brand President Charlie Denson said the Chinese market has accounted for 8% to 9% of Nike's global market share, Nike's largest overseas market. Recently, Nike sponsored jointly USA Basketball will host the First International Basketball Festival, the Chinese team also arrived in New York to attend the event. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; First International Basketball Festival invited the United States, the Chinese team, France, Brazil and Puerto Rico five teams, in addition to a match between the teams, there into the community, his fans, basketball performances and other activities. Danson organized once every two years to determine the future international basketball carnival, the use of the Olympic Games and World Championships this international event to promote the brand, but also to promote interaction and exchange among countries of basketball, and do not rule out the future will move to other countries organized activities. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; During Carnival, the Chinese team has with the United States and Puerto Rico teams Tournament team. After the end of the 15th America's warm-up match, the Chinese team fought in Europe, in Serbia last two warm-up. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Nike is planning a future in-depth development to second-tier and third-tier cities in China, and strive to China's largest sports brand position. "The Chinese market currently accounts for Nike's global sales of 8% to 9%, to become the largest market outside the United States in the coming years, we can look forward to greater development. We have reason to believe that China can achieve rapid market further expansion. tried to fight Nike China's first sports brand, which refers not only basketball, but also other world sports, including soccer, running, or even football, "Danson fully affirmed the status and prospects of the Chinese market. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; for the next development plan in the Chinese market, Denso Cheap jordans online n trying to represent Nike products to the second- and third-tier cities in China, so that more people are more likely to come into contact with Nike products. "Our goal is to continue to move forward in China, the expansion of product marketing for the city now has a good promotion of Nike products in the first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, the next to expand to second-tier and third-tier cities through distributors and partners in business The way the product's sales network to expand, but also to strengthen ties with Chinese youth. "Denson that the Chinese market can promote creativity and innovation of Nike products, will improve the innovation process in China. Danson definition of the Chinese market is "dynamic" and "motivated."Jordan fans, the most eye-catching annual masterpiece, Air Jordan 2012 has been in the early exposure, and this is the first time to bring this double heavyweight topic complete portrait of the whole picture. This pair of Air Jordan 2012 in a multi-layer structure composed of leather shoes, overlapping with the comprehensive utilization of full grain leather and Flywire leather technology, has the characteristics of texture using the details of punching out, however, the double Air Jordan 2012 biggest selling point is its convertible boots and insole, this version of the exposure the boot is low in the ankle boots basket is empty, and the insole configuration of Air Sole Zoom before and after Air, which aims to provide a fast and restricted limb collision between two player, although at present there is no real evaluation of shoes surfaced, but Air Jordan 2012 is definitely worth all pair of shoes fans look forward to the annual flagship masterpiece. This double Air Jordan 2012 is expected to be released in February next year, everyone flying fans, please wait and see. Air Jordan 5, "white/metallic", will have its engraved version in 2015. shoes are different from the classic black silver color, but in the Cheap foamposites for sale white leather on the basis of metal silver collocation, heel of "23" also with conspicuous silver embellishment. the difference between the shoe and the front shoe is the transparent light blue sole. the sale date of this section is to be decided, and the loved ones must continue to pay close attention to us! 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (247.35, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (223.88, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (280.2, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (283.49, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (254.71, KB) [pictures from the network, FROM: Shoulee81]represents the official brought 2017 spring and summer series forecast Converse the most sophisticated work of high-end Japanese branch CONVERSE day before ADDICT, once again bring the new season to Chuck Taylor Canvas HI is the classic type of shoes. CONVERSE ADDICT this choice with pink and white rice two tones for vamp color, in addition to the full texture of the vamp, of course, also indispensable, Vibram big bottom accent, wear, wear. CONVERSE ADDICT 2017 spring summer series will be on sale in April 10th, priced at 16000 yen, Italy, Japan Converse friends can find good channels in advance waiting to start. Now that LeBron James returned back home to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, we wonder if Nike Basketball will re-issue the NYC Big Apple theme onto future Nike LeBron silhouettes ?C like the Nike LeBron 12. Advertisment The NYC Big Apple theme first kicked off during a game that took place against the New York Knicks. LeBron James received a special edition Nike Zoom LeBron 6 for the occasion dubbed the Big Apples. Featuring a full Candy Red base with patent leather and perforated portions, they officially released on November 28th to select Nike Basketball retailers in limited amounts. Below are some detailed photos of the Nike Zoom LeBron 6 ??NYC Big Apple?? and for those tha jordan 3 katrina 2018 t are looking to score this particular pair just hit up sneakershopnyc on eBay.Supreme x Vans "Bruce Lee" series preview 2013-12-08 23:43:41 in this year's Supreme 2013 autumn and winter season single products, we can see a variety of famous martial arts star Bruce Lee inspired design for new products, and in shoes, Supreme continues this design. The Supreme once again with the skateboard brand Vans cooperation, launched the Supreme x Vans "Bruce Lee" series. From the spy photos we can see that the series contains two Vans Authentic and a Sk8-Hi, shoe uppers are printed with Bruce Lee in the movie classic style. Whether this new series of Chinese traditional martial arts culture combined with American street trends can bring unprecedented freshness to more discerning consumers, and we'll see! adidas Originals warm climbing boots 2013-12-08 22:22:56 Adidas Originals launched a new pair of climbing shoes, to warm functional flagship. With a durable leather and warm cotton fabric, White Faux Fur is used as a filler, with a golden shoelace buckle, and the outdoor air is full. In cold winter, both outdoor and everyday wear are easy to do. football shoes design inspiration source in any place, today our protagonist is inspired by the aggressive nature of the animals in the nature, crocodiles and pythons, Tuo and Agkistrodon! either in ancient times or in the west, crocodiles and pythons are representative of the power and fear, such as snakes in the ancient horned, winged, boa, Li, Lun, Agkistrodon halys ussuriensis etc.) title, Pantofola D'Oro Impulso Croc/Python soccer shoes are is crocodiles and pythons that two hunters in the football field on the body. Vamp uses the whole piece of high-quality leather handmade, no excess suture, but by modern production process in leather uppers pressed the Python and crocodile skin texture. Is there a little Italy handmade leather shoes feeling? in addition to the upper lines, in two shoes tongue and heel are with Italian words "Impulso", shows th cheap air jordans online at the special status of shoes; and the heel point, we see the 130 folds the number of words, the two pairs of shoes do is limited numbered sale? In addition to , another detail is that two out of the ordinary shoes use a separate brand shoes, unlike other Pantofola d'Oro football shoes, it seems that the two Impulso shoes identity is very special. at present, we can grasp the information from the PDS website, more detailed information for later. Price, Impulso Croc/Python in PDS to the price of 160 pounds for sale. crocodile and python, alligator and viper, which one do you love more? source: footy, FH& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] after the acquisition by French luxury goods group Kering KERING, the German sporting goods manufacturer Puma Puma's performance and unsatisfactory, fashion transformation fails, revenue and earnings They were repeatedly shrinking. Last year, there are rumors that the industry intends to sell KERING Puma. However, the recent spate Puma launched a large operation, not only after the appointment of a popular superstar Rihanna women's creative director and global ambassador, announced a collaboration with United Legwear and Apparel Co. into the children's clothing. When the clothing enterprises encounter performance bottlenecks, many companies will seize this clothing segments, Semir is a successful example. However, whether it will be like Puma Semir so lucky? Now, is unknown. third quarter revenue increase by transferring profits decline narrowed Puma will be sold on rumors, the industry has been rumored for a long time, the Offeror also reported in several versions. Indeed, being KERING acquisition, Puma fashion transformation is not successful, and thus find themselves in financial difficulties, income and earnings are shrinking again and again. To reverse the tide, KERING early 2013 hired the former chief executive of a successful Danish jeweler Pandora Pandora revive Bjorn Gulden led Puma plans to carry out recover Cheap air jordans for sale y. Bjorn Gulden expressed in 2014 second quarter earnings in all key strategic planning groups have made progress, 2014 will be the beginning of Puma Puma recovery. From August until the beginning of 2016 during the Olympic Games, Puma will be carried out in the history of the Group's largest campaign "Forever Faster", after the fashion transformation failed to refocus the core values ??of sport. However, reported a second quarter net profit 76.2% Puma decline, from 17.5 million euros last year fell to 4.2 million euros, total sales fell 5.8 percent to 652.2 million euros. to re-focus the strategic transformation of sports performance to Puma bring some change. At the latest as of September 30, 2014 third quarter results, Puma Group revenue rose 3.7% from the previous year 813.1 million euros a year earlier to 843.4 million euros, of which clothing sales rose 8.9%; footwear products than last year 378.1 million euros over the same period fell 1.2%, under a fixed exchange rate, there are 2.0% increase; parts of fixed exchange rates revenues increased 7.5%, from the previous year 138.2 million euros a year earlier to 146.7 million euros, a real increase of 6.2%. In addition, its net profit was 28.9 million euros recorded a year on year fell 45.2%, down over the second quarter narrowed. For sale rumors, Bjorn Gulden said the outside world does not see the ownership of major shareholders to replace the signal. intends to cooperate with a number of companies to enter the children's clothing market In addition to refocus sports, large-scale promotion activities "Forever Faster" (always faster), Puma has recently made a further change. The appointment of a popular superstar Rihanna as creative director of women's month and Global Ambassador after after some industry sources said, Puma is working with United Legwear Kids and Apparel Co.. North American retailers for the direction of the headquarters of the effort will include Puma children's clothing production, sales, marketing and distribution of clothing in sizes from baby to boys and girls 20 yards 16 yards. According to reports, the first spring series products will enter the shop. Puma clothing will reflect the core adult series, with neon colors with black, white and gray, with good comfortable fabrics production. Prices range from $ 18 a T-shirt to $ 48 hooded sweatshirt. "Puma sports clothing is a lifestyle brand, now offers high-quality fabrics and competitive prices of clothing for the children", United Legwear founder and CEO Isaac E.Ash announced that, "This will be the Other top sports brands to compete. " For the children's wear market focus related to the layout and the problems when entering the Chinese market, the relevant public relations people Puma China region in an interview with reporters, he said, "We do not have any official documents and plans to enter the children's wear market" as an excuse representing inconvenient to comment. However, the media pointed out, Bjorn Gulden president at a news conference last month revealed that "I have always said that 2014 will lay the basis for a turnaround, 2015 will see real turning point, I feel very comfortable moving forward .Rihanna is part of the updated brand strategy, she offers a story for the global market. For 2016, our product range in the position where it should be. " children's clothing market into the fashion industry last Blue Horizon to enter the children's clothing market for Puma Exploration and layout, it is now traced. Some analysts believe that this, for Puma, this is the company's new brand positioning - "Forever Faster" coincides with its children's products may help improve financial turnaround KERING respective companies. Moreover, after seeing net profit fell three years, third-quarter sales Puma saw the improvement in 2014. This means KERING or through a series of changes and adjustments to help Puma return vitality. For Puma into practice in the field of children's market, there are people in the industry said they saw. According to analysis, the traditional adult costumes very athletic apparel market has almost saturated in urgent need of restructuring, and in the "single second child" policy to stimulate demand and potential market increased space baby clothing, children's clothing market is becoming the last blue ocean apparel industry . According to statistics, the number of children aged 0-14 currently nearly 300 million, a huge population of infants and children to bring to market the first amount of demand. According to the US consulting firm Frost & Sullivan's report showed, in 2010 Chinese infant clothing market reached 34.8 billion yuan, is expected in 2015, Chinese infant clothing cotton goods (within the clothing, meals apparel, home cotton products, etc.) and household items (bedding, feeding, bath, toiletries, etc.) market capacity will reach 227.98 billion yuan. In addition, many domestic garment enterprises focus on children's clothing market, have achieved good results. Has barabara clothing and other children's clothing brand Semir released semi-annual report, first half operating income of 2.932 billion yuan, an increase of 7.59%, net profit of 333 million yuan. Among them, the children's clothing business brisk sales of 1.172 billion yuan, an increase of 30.90%, a significant contribution to revenue growth. Currently, Semir clothing has by virtue of clothing to children's industry leadership seek comprehensive service provider transformation. broad prospects for Chinese children's wear market and the successful experience with the industry to make children's Smith Barney in the field to catch up. It is reported that Smith Barney costumes companies already have meters Joy Di and Moomoo two children's clothing brand, although the development of late, on a limited scale, but the growth rate is quite fast, after ordering the winter at low base recorded a growth of at least double. In addition to continuing to do these two children's clothing brand, Smith Barney also test the water line children's clothing brand new Mini Moomoo. Reportedly, the brand for the 1-4 years baby, knitting focused product development. Liu Yi, vice president of Smith Barney external representation, children's clothing brand development has become a key strategic company currently hundreds of billions of Chinese children's wear market is widely dispersed, the company this year has significantly increased the children's clothing market development. From experience with the industry, the baby really is a good market segments, however, there have been many companies rush into the first. Puma will be like if Semir so lucky? Let us wait and see. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: baby Ah shoes and apparel brand)At the end of last year to the end of the giant Adidas NMD was released, popularity will be almost equal to Adidas Yeezy. naturally, waiting for Adidas NMD is a big wave of color design. so in 2016 "to take the lead in" the "Triple Black", all black body, with 3M reflective elements in detail, and in the bottom 3, and into the white "lumira lumira, no of communication; the words", low-key perfect Oh ~ (to know the Japanese, what do you mean?) The NBA2009-2010 season period, the emergence of numerous colorful Air Jordan Icons players don't note war shoes, now for the first time we opened the ray? Allen (Ray Allen) don't Note Mystery version of the series, actually breath contains up to 7 pairs of new products. These shoes from black uppers and white dotted with white costume, to render the green lining, a huge lineup, the momentum is pressing. All 7 pairs of battle shoes are on the back of their shoes, engraved with the "Ray" word signs, a clear-cut announcement of the shoes of the master is what is sacred. Unfortunately, the series is not publicly available, but it will be unveiled at the concept exhibition in Cambridge, Massachusetts, so that everyone can feel its exceptional personal impact and strong impact at close range.