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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; Chinese shoes network July 7 hearing, according to Hong Kong media reports, sources, international sports leader Nike plans to launch a low-priced sports shoes in the mainland, in order to seize the mainland three, four-city markets, plus there accusing him down in Hong Kong listed mainland sporting goods company's investment rating, the company's share price tumbled yesterday. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; UBS cut its rating Sporting Goods shares & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; while UBS shares lower mainland Sporting Goods rating, which The Anta (2020) rating from "buy" down to "neutral", target price 15.2 yuan will remain unchanged; Li Ning (quotes, information, reviews) (2331) rating from "buy" down to "neutral "target price from 33.3 yuan to 29 yuan; the Xtep (1368) rating from" buy "down to" neutral ", target price by 7.2 yuan fell slightly to 7 yuan. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; the factors discussed above, the mainland yesterday, sporting goods stocks tumbled, including special steps when closing down 5.65 percent to 5.68 yuan, Peak (1968) fell 1.36 percent to 5.07 yuan, Li Ning fell 1.81 percent cheap jordans to 24.4 yuan, China Dongxiang (quotes, information, reviews) (3818) fell 0.60 percent to 4.96 yuan. gray simple color, with air huarache classic styling, believe also has struck the girls do not have sneaker of heart, this air huarache gray color had been in sale, and overwhelmed and for everyone to bring shoes exquisite foot diagram. search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taobao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop! source: Titolomarks the legendary American rapper 2Pac's death 19 anniversary, Kendrick Lamar as his fans, in 2Pac & nbsp; by letter of Jinian Guan online tribute idol. is called 2Pac successors in brief letter, in addition to the first time I saw the statement 2Pac indescribable feeling, but also for future generations thanks 2Pac music brings wealth and motivation, most real grievances of the people's minds and we wish to express in a song. According to Kendri jordan 3 katrina 2018 ck Lamar TDE label message belongs, Kendrick Lamar will leave a memory of the first idol song soon, so stay tuned.1, "broken! Yue Sun! okay?? Play with him!" Game against Ivory Coast, Sun Yue to break the fast ball reached the basket, because at this time the Chinese team has been leading a large margin, a guiding drunkenly shouted. 2, man!" See Yi Jianlian with a turn buckle riding fouled will lead when Chinese team in the fourth quarter ahead of Greece, a guide sigh. 3, "2 meters 10 you prevent Yue Sun?!" In a takeover, the Greek team tall interior defense Yue Sun, Yue Sun accelerate through the basket successful hit a 2+1. Zhang Weiping quipped: "you have 2 meters 10 anti Yue Sun, that is a change to the past." 4, "see how Yue Sun to cover him!" Because Sun Yue wonderful blocks to a guiding left too much impression, when the other side of a fast break, a guiding pre sentenced Sun Yue to offer a cap, only this time, Sun Yue blocks failed to. 5, a!" See Yue Sun outside shooting, a few times to make a guide to predict in advance, but Yue Sun shot this several times didn't. 6, "to win! To win!" When the Lakers beat Cheap jordans online the Celtics won the championship, as a guide in the honey Lake commentary also drunkenly shouted. 7 Gasol, this time really dare to vote. Yo! It went in! The strike is not unreasonable, because! 8, you lose! To lose 9, bad! To be bad! 10, we often say that the aggressive is to play aggressive 11, highlow, is high and low we said, two large, a station above a station here. 12, Sun Yuetiao is really high! This ball is not Yue Sun, the other dunk! 13, Yi Jianlian, you look like, with wooden .14, Chen Jianghua is too many mistakes, you see, it is a mistake. 15 and XXX are pretty good today... Oh! To change it. 16, first half dozen very reasonable, the sudden foreign investment, inside out, came to fight back, this perimeter shots and hit rate. The other is difficult to control. 17, now mainly to see how the coach arranged the last 10 seconds, the two sides are now wits! Nice ah! 18, the ball is becoming more and more interesting! 19, should pay attention to spacing ah! This is all dead! 20, to be lost! Lose it! On the basketball court and cross jump pass is taboo! When you jump up, the whole weight of the whole child i Retro jordans for sale s gone, it is easy to be broken! 21, foul! You should not foul this time. Because this time the competition also has forty seconds, you lead, you this time biggest match is who? Is a table! A this time, give people points, but also to stop, this is The loss outweighs the gain..adidas adizero Ghost 2 Serge & middot; PE version 2013-12-08 22:36:00 Ibaka Ibaka through their own efforts and excellent play at the Olympics, and finally also have their own PE version of shoes, he recently on his Twitter on exposure of the two will be wearing the new season adidas adizero Ghost 2 PE, without exception, adopted two thunder color, heel then are printed with the words "S-IBAKA" of.2016 in December 18th, House of Vans 2016 Asia Pacific trip to Vietnam's capital city of Hu Zhiming, this year marks the birth of the brand? Vans? 50th anniversary, House of Vans Asia tour is also very long, starting from Chengdu, Wuhan, Shanghai three Chinese City, has traveled to Hongkong, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Bangkok, Seoul ground. The pure "Off the Wall" brand spirit in art, music, skateboarding, street culture and other forms to th Cheap foamposites for sale e local. House of Vans Vietnam Hu Zhiming city activities, local artist Hai Binh was invited to participate in the DIY Vans paper shoes workshop, and show her giant Sk8-Hi works. Of course, the most attractive to young people or the music activity, Parasite Band, Rapper Kimmese and DJ Master underground music people bring wonderful performances, will push the atmosphere to a climax. This review we also bring you the event. WeChat scan code, share share to WeChat sweep! Open the page after clicking on "share" button like (99) share to micro-blog Adidas recently realized that not only limited to the elimination of other areas in the field of sports shoes is to eliminate gender discrimination, for showing the Sneaker culture is not limited to men, Adidas Consortium recently launched a "Deep Hue" Samba women shoes series. The vamp is made of suede, and the color matching from the female point of view shows that women not only enjoy the fresh colors such as pink and ivory, but also introduce two shades of red and dark blue in addition to white. And the bright spot of this shoe is, the three mark of shoe body is knitted with three suede on shoe side respectively. Finally, to complete the design of sole collocation iconic rubber sole. The Adidas Consortium Samba "Deep Hue" in March 8th, women's day, in the world of Adidas Consortium stores and retailers, portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Kenya Moving the Goalposts. in September, the concern of fur products continued to rise and remained at the top of the list. Fur has always been synonymous with "high" and "luxury", and has never been left out of fashion. Although it's autumn, it's not hard to find a fur cape. OK to hand, component is indeed a lot of weight to the body, wrapped, feel Spring is in the air. The trend of the popularization of furs is becoming more and more fierce, becoming an indispensable part of the four seasons life. with speed up the progress of the internationalization of market, garment leather, bag leather and furniture and interior decorative leather production will maintain steady growth. Medium grade, high value-added microfiber shoes, synthetic leather and breathable clothing synthetic leather will grow rapidly with their development and application fields. Interior decoration materials for car industry will also be greatly developed. Accordingly, the total demand for synthetic leather and synthetic leather is 780 thousand tons per year, or 1 billion 50 million square meters. Of which 316 million square meters of leather garment leather, 263 million square meters, 316 million square meters of leather bags. PU wet leather and superfine fiber base material with high technological content will be the development direction of PU leather and synthetic leather in the future. From the Huicong net leather market data, in September, synthetic leather products attention began to rise, high-tech synthetic leather products in the market more and more active. For further details, see Table 1: key words list of Huicong net leather market in 2007: Form : 2007 September, Huicong net leather market information September, fur purchase information is still the forefront, accounted for more than 40 per cent of the proportion. In such a huge market demand, we see the huge business opportunities of fur products, according to the data analysis, from the beginning of last month, leather trading market has been in short supply situation of fur products. Material leather buying information has also greatly improved last month. The thunder team in seventh games against the Grizzlies, Westbrook put on by the Jordan Brand Air Jordan XX9 tailored for the thunder team home court PE shoes, and in the second round against the clippers, Westbrook feet again another Air take on an altogether new aspect, Jordan XX9 Why Not PE surfaced. And before is very similar, the White main color collocation crystal shoe body bottom, but the new work is more pure cancelled before burst pattern on the vamp, instead of the huge Jumpman. air-jordan-xx9-why-not-home.jpg (36.9 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 11:54 upload air-jordan-xx9-why-not-home-3.jpg (57.34 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 11:54 upload air-jordan-xx9-why-not-home-2.jpg (38.81 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 upload 11:54 air-jordan-xx9-why-not-home-4.jpg (46.97 KB, download number: 0) download 2014-5-6 11:54 Air Jordan XX9 Why upload, Not PE, Westbrook, aj29 00