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to celebrate the Carnaby street Foubert in London s' Place flagship store opened the first anniversary, Originals Adidas recently in particular to create a pair of Runner Primeknit Tubular London limited color. As a brand this year main push strongly shoes, tubular series of shoe type can be described as menacing, as for this limited color to dark green and black as the keynote, and the continuation of the ordinary version similar Python lines Primeknit vamp texture, supplemented by sideways cortical bandages, to and printed words' London's finest 'tongue ring special status symbol. In addition, after processing in the bottom of the black camouflage adds to the overall dark temperament. It is reported that the Runner Primeknit Tubular will be today in the s' Place Foubert flagship store limited sale, in London, the friends have to pay attention to the! source: s' Place Fouberttoday Twitter has released a new Air Jordan 2011 Q Flight, the Air Jordan 2011 Q Flight using white and pale blue to the tongue respectively with Jumpman Logo and Twitter sign of the @ symbol. The Air Jordan 2011 Q Flight will be presented as a gift to many Jordan Brand participants on Twitter. Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight Air Jordan 2011 continuation of the design concept, but in the end the modular shoes prices for most consumers to better experience Jordan Brand in the year of the bottom of the "Be Quick" series. The Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight upper is made of lightweight leather material and the first Hyperfuse technology used in Jordan shoes, with dynamic inner boots and new shoelace systems providing excellent wrapping and comfort. Sphere technology and the bottom lines of tongue is Air Jordan 2011. In the bottom of the configuration, Air Jordan 2011 Q-Flight 8mm Zoom Air with the palm, palm 14mm Zoom Air full palm Phylon midsole collocation is more in line with the "at the end of the modular concept of the Quick series. Adidas / never stop, will highlight elements of the perfect combination of fashion and sport, Adidas released a Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale new Tubular Series in 2016. this series not only incorporates a variety of classic elements, but also the overall style is like Y-3 yo! can you meet the high requirements? is a continuation of the thirtieth anniversary of the Jordan Brand mileage, following last week air jordan 1 'Chicago' official website unprovoked cancellation, line rob sold out after, followed by air jordan retro 5 "Pro stars" color officially debut, the shoes in 1990s, Michael Jordan, who plays the protagonist's classic cartoon ProStars inspiration for the design, vamp uses white gives priority to color, cement ink tongue embroidery with infra red Jumpman logo, equipped with a venom green, black gradient splash in the bottom, details adorn the infrared red. The shoes is officially on sale in June 6th, China released no commercially available information. get reloaded, the app store search "get" to download the latest version, more information about shoes, more beauty pretty shoes, Nike grab shoes, true and false identification of shoes, cool T-shirt gold and get everything; detailed inquiry micro letter "dunkhome", "getdunkhome", micro Bo "when the guest," "getapp" and get our sports life! Source: Highsnobiety[Chinese shoes Network - brand observation] In March the United States, "Fast Company" magazine's Top 50 list of innovative companies, the veteran sports giant Nike (stores) got into the top spot. Nike Why can beat Amazon, Google, Apple, Pinterset other Lord overshadowed by new and old technology company was awarded the top spot it? Reasons "Fast Company" magazine gives Nike in 2012 two technically Innovation - New technologies Flyknit uppers and movement of digital products Nike Fuelband wristband. In the "Fast Company" in the eyes of editors, Nike Language as a traditional industry, the staff million of the company, capable of continuous time in just one year to complete two important technological breakthrough, particularly rare. And behind these technological innovations, we can see, this veteran o jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black f the Nike sports giant is to escape the traditional garment industry, once owned, transformed into a concept of motion technology companies. Because of these two technologies and related products in China for sale are not synchronized, so that domestic consumers will probably feel very strange, so the first to introduce them now. First, some traditional products Flyknit uppers weaving techniques. The technology for maximum effect is weight loss can help sports shoes for the foot to provide a better package, but these features are not Flyknit really impress their place. Flyknit biggest innovation lies in its traditional mode of production of a major innovation: the new technology Flyknit lets designers simply write your own designs computer program, then the machine will automatically use the line of cars out of shoes. For Nike, this means that the supply chain to make significant adjustments, Nike running shoes designer Rob Williams in an interview designboom interview revealed, this adjustment has not been easy, Nike has also experienced "a learning process", but finally completed this transition in the management of full support. to find out about Flyknit, come to talk about, "Fast Company" mentioned another important product - sports wristband Nike Fuelband. Fuelband Nike sport among highly digitized route to the step. For Nike, this product completes the company's own positioning a subversion. Before Fuelband release, Nike digital sports roadmap is not clear. In 2006, Nike has worked with Apple to launch the Nike + iPod. But when the partnership was not considered sports digitized it, but with the iPod gimmick to promote sales of running shoes. Therefore, product architecture design, the sensor must be placed in his shoes, would like to use this thing, you must buy a pair of Nike + running shoes. However, from Fuelband beginning, all this has changed. Because Fuelband is a completely independent product sports shoes and sports apparel outside. No longer will it with their Nike sneakers bound p Cheap foamposites for sale ast, digital products are no longer for sneakers accessories icing on the cake, but have "an independent person (stores) grid," This is a landmark change has, meaning Nike is no longer confined to their traditional business of sports apparel, digital products into its new components. In two technical innovation of Nike's have a preliminary understanding, the last to talk about how to understand Nike win. start-up companies often barefoot afraid of the wearer, it is possible to make some innovation by surprise, but the big companies face is another situation. Language for Nike such a traditional industry, annual revenue of $ 23 billion, more than 40,000 employees of the company, any reform is not beating can be done casually. But Nike did it, Flyknit is a revolution in the upstream supply chain, Fuelband is a subversion of Nike shoes and apparel business does best. For many Internet entrepreneurs with the fearless, able to reform his own life in a radical way of completion of innovation may be more worthy of admiration? Not every big company has such courage and boldness. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News)item: 694091-625Armani ( Armani ) is a famous luxury brand Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) referred to, but also the whole empire Armani ( Giorgio Armani S.P.A. ) abbreviation. Armani ( Armani ) not only in the domestic popularity exceeded early mainline brand name Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), and Armani ( Armani ) imperial expansion, from the senior men's extension to the senior female clothing, perfume, advanced custom clothing, leather goods, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, scarves and ties, glasses, cosmetics home furnishing accessories and hotel industry, and chocolate and coffee shop.Armani Empire ( Giorgio Armani S.P.A. ) has more than its high visibility of the brand: Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), Armani ( Armani Prive ) high, Armani Black Label ( Armani Collezioni, also known as " Armani Black Label " ), Emprio Armani ( Emporio A air jordan 11 space jam for sale rmani ), Armani ( Armani Junior ), AJ young cowboy ( Armani Jeans ), A/X ( Armani Exchange ), Armani beauty ( Armani Cosmetics ) and Armani home furnishing accessories ( Armani Casa ), Armani Hotel ( Armani Hotels ).Among them, Armani beauty ( Armani Cosmetics ) for Armani and L'Oreal ( L'oreal) cooperation, L'Oreal is responsible for production and sales. Armani Hotel ( Armani Hotels ) for Armani and Yi Maer estate ( Emaar Properties ) cooperation, in Milan, Paris, New York, London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Dubai has built the El Luxor Hotel and Resort Hotel, all the furniture shop jewelry are only from the Armani home furnishing accessories ( Armani Casa ). In addition, Armani ( Armani ) and Samsung mobile phone to launch Armani mobile phone ( Giorgio Armani phone ).Armani ( Armani ) brand by the founder of Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) was created in 1975. The earliest introduction of the brand is Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) brand. In the early 1980 launched targeting younger pay more attention to leisure experience, pricing is first several big brands: Armani Jeans, Armani Junior, Emporio Armani and high-end cosmetics brand Armani beauty ( Armani Cosmetics ), Emprio Armani ( Emporio Armani ) brand underwear, swimwear and accessories and the introduction of the 1991 launch of the A|X Armani Exchange.Armani Empire ( Giorgio Armani S.P.A. ) brands, is the most high-end brand, Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), dress cloth standard logo as black on white, suitable for general occasions leisure clothing cloth standard logo is black on white background. As for the Armani ( Armani ) side line brand Emprio Armani ( Emporio Armani ) clothing, the eagle as a symbol.Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) in the international fashion community is a fascinating legend. He design fashion elegant and subtle, simple and generous, exquisite workmanship, concentration represented Italy fashion style. Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) once in 14 years swept around the world more than 30 Fashion Awards, including the famous " Cutt jordan shoes online sale y Sark ". Mens Designer Award by his record-breaking six consecutive. Armani ( Armani ) brand of fashion in the public mind beyond its importance, and became the symbol of success and the modern way of life.In the gender more confusion age, clothing is no longer absolute differences between men and women, Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), is to break the masculine and feminine boundaries, leading women to neutral style, one of the designers. Armani ( Armani ) of male and female clothing style, is a simple suit with perfect neuter clipping, at any time, occasion, did not suitable or fade to pop the question, from the global advocates is an occupation, age.Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) in school majoring in science curriculum, University to study medicine, military service as an assistant medical officer, a rational attitude analysis training, as well as world equilibrium concept is his clothing design guidelines. Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) Mr. create clothing is not imaginary, but from observation, in the street to see someone elegant way of dressing, Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), will use his way of reorganization, to create exclusive to Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) style elegant form.Many of the world's top executive, Hollywood stars is like Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) self creation style, become a Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) followers. Hollywood even popular words: " when you don't know what to wear, wear Armani right! "Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) accessories include leather goods, shoes, glasses, neckties, scarves and other clothing, and the same attention to fine texture and simple lines, clearly framed style pure Italy style. Even the swimsuit, also eliminating the need for complex decorative lines, to sculpture sexy curve splicing, there is an indescribable grace.Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) in his career, access to a number of regional and international awards, such as the Gran Cavaliere della Repubblica Commendatore Dell Ordine al award, ' Merito della Repubblica Award ( the government of Italy 's highest honor award ), American Designers Association Award for best international designer and men 's lifetime achievement award. He was also awarded the honorary doctorate of Royal College of Art in London in 2003 and in September by the first Rodeo Drive Walk of Style award, in recognition of his fashion and film in two aspects of leadership. Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) also for the United Nations UNHCR goodwill ambassador of trade unions.Armani ( Armani ) brand archives:Country: ItalyCreate time: 1975Brand: Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ), Armani ( Armani Prive ) high, Armani Black Label ( Armani Collezioni, also known as " Armani Black Label " ), Emprio Armani ( Emporio Armani ), Armani ( Armani Junior ), AJ young cowboy ( Armani Jeans ), A/X ( Armani Exchange ), Armani Cosmetics ( Armani beauty ) and Armani home furnishing accessories ( Armani Casa ), Armani Hotel ( Armani Hotels ).Founder: Giorgio Armani ( Giorgio Armani ) and Sergio GaleottiHeadquarters: Italy MilanNike environmental technology are indispensable to create innovative products 2013-12-08 22:02:31 summer tournament New York (February 21, 2012) - NIKE, Inc. (NYSE: NKE) today released a series of summer track and field, basketball and other sports projects designed cutting-edge technology, lightweight performance innovative products. Appearance of a variety of products, including Nike Flyknit sneakers, uniforms and a new generation of American basketball sneakers Nike Lunarlon. Nike's global launch event in New York, one to attend the event in addition to the Chief Executive Officer Mark Parker, NIKE, Inc. president (Mark Parker), as well as the greatest track and field athlete Carl Lewis (Carl Lewis), Deron Williams (Deron Williams, New Jersey Nets, and year 2008 USAB team members), Tamika Kaczynski (Tamika Catchings, 2004 and again in 2008 USAB team members) , Carmelita. Jeter (Carmelita Jeter, the world championships 100 meters world champion, the fastest woman on Earth today), and Walter Dix (Walter Dix, World Championship silver medalist). They gathered in New York City to the world of Nike unveils the most innovative scientific and technological achievements. Parker said: "We believe that innovation and technology released today is likely to change athletes race results Nike has been committed to providing the best innovation for the different levels of athletes, and today we did it, and. with a very shocking way .Nike Flyknit upper is a redefinition of sports shoes: It is lightweight, almost seamless, like a second skin and foot upper precision machined from a single block of material made. minimizing waste in the production process " Nike's products include:. Nike Flyknit: In the framework of the shoe has been re-thinking after, Nike Flyknit is undoubtedly a relating to the running of revolutionary technologies. Draws on recommendations of athletes, this pioneering technology to make shoes as light as socks and more fit your feet, let the players ran out after a few miles are not aware of the weight of the feet. Its patented technology Nike sufficient contrast media data and years of testing based on a series of precise, starting from the perspective of engineering structures, increase the pressure foot portion supportive and demand while improving the permeability of the higher parts of the air Passing rate. Thanks to this the use of innovative technology to 2008 Olympic men's marathon champion of Nike shoes as a reference, a new pair of shoes will once again reduce the weight of 35%, which means that the marathon finish energy consumption savings close 1.8 tons, substantially equal to the weight of a midsize car. Nike Flyknit & nbsp; by the upper design make the shoes more fit, like a second skin to create a feeling. Nike has also developed a routine of running shoes: Nike Flyknit Trainer +. Its weight is 220 grams, or 7.7 ounces, it will bring the experience of light fit for all levels of runners. Nike Pro Turbospeed: Nike Pro Turbospeed sportswear company Nike's lightest ever offered, the fastest track sportswear. Tests showed that in the 100 meters race, Nike Pro Turbospeed than before the launch of the Nike Sportswear fast .023 seconds. In the past 12 years, after more than 1,000 hours of wind tunnel testing, Nike Swift project (Project Swift) continued to make progress, improve the excellent Nike AeroSwift technology, designed to help top athletes achieve maximum speed. The use of this technology to participate in international competitions, including the United States, Germany and China's athletes. Its global color version will be released in April, when the Nike-sponsored athletes in individual competition in wearing them, will also introduce a color version of the Russian Athletics Federation. Which striking elements of the national identity and sportswear will combine technological innovation. The performance of sustainable development will be the focus of one of the summer events. Sportswear fabrics which uses an average of 13 recycled plastic bottles. Nike Zoom Spikes: Nike introduced the first ultra-light Nike Zoom Superfly R4 and Nike Zoom Victory Elite spikes. Excellent fit and protection support, with Nike dynamic fly line (Flywire) technology, the shoes with the natural movement of the foot to loosen or tighten to help provide support and stability. These tips will help athletes at a speed of running shoes as the core, to play the best level. Nike Hyper Elite Basketball Uniform: In the United States basketball team color jersey release, Nike Hyper Elite shorts and a weight of 5 ounces, while the jersey is the lightest ever offered by Nike jersey with breathable, durable particular and striking nike Aerographics printed pattern. Shirts for men and from about 96% polyester from recycled plastic bottles and shorts material is 100% recycled plastic bottles made of polyester material, each jersey average 22 recycled plastic bottles, which inherits the Nike Environmental Design Idea commitment. Wearing the national team jersey which include the United States, China and Brazil.